Trust Yourself

I used to admire people that seemed to have everything together. Their lives appeared to be tied up in pretty little bows, with the right career, car, and spouse. Later I learned that looks can be deceiving and most times if we just trusted ourselves we would be able to accomplish more.

In today's world ambitions seem to be the only thing anyone ever talks about. We often hear, write that vision, make it plain, plan, and implement and strategize. But what if you don't know how? What if the thought of starting causes you to freeze in fear? What if you just want to be present at the moment and not compete with the go-getters, the overachievers, and the multitaskers?

It's okay. Trust yourself at the moment and breathe, take time to reflect on the good things in your life, and rest in knowing you are doing your best at the moment. Life doesn't always have to be a competition or a race of getting more. Sometimes what you need most, is to trust your inner voice, and slow down.

Where can your talents be best utilized? After you have rested you can begin the search. When you are ready to do more you will. A spark in your spirit will ignite and you will want to activate and go on adventures. You will attain the strength you need to build lasting determination after you have rested.

Our world has slowed down on purpose, take this time to reflect on what you need for fulfillment, and what gives you energy, as you rest you will become reenergized. So the order of the day is to read a book, take a walk, relax in the garden.

All grind and no rest is not a healthy way to live.

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