Power colors

There was a point in my life where a power color was something foreign. I struggled just getting dressed, never mind dressing for success. Have you ever had one of those days? You woke up already feeling defeated and overpowered and you hadn't even walked out of the front door. Some days you just need to wear your power color. There is nothing more striking than a person that is confident and knows that they are projecting an energy that tells the world that their game is on point.

What color brings you life? What makes you feel like a boss when you walk in a room? The most powerful presentation that can ever be given is one where you as the presenter know that you are prepared, professional, and proficient. There are several ways to get that outfit together and many stores offer personal styling. Many online influencers offer styling for free if you shop from their website. The key is to find clothing that fits your personal style. The days of business black, gray and navy blue are over. Dress your best to impress yourself. The inner shine will radiate outward and your power will speak without you saying a word.

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