Monday Night Blues

Updated: Jun 23, 2020

Monday has arrived, and you may be sitting at your kitchen table thinking, well, I made it through the weekend, but I dread next Friday. May I ask why you dread the weekend? I can share with you why I didn’t. I didn’t enjoy it because I didn’t have a date. I didn’t enjoy seeing couples, it stirred up a spirit of loneliness within.

As I got further along in the process of healing, I began to understand that I needed to get out of the house if I ever wanted to meet new people. It was frightening a first, I was uncomfortable just thinking about going out alone. So one day, I gathered my courage, and I decided that I was going to treat myself to a night out on the town. I got dressed, picked a restaurant, and went to dinner.

In the beginning, I would take a book and read while I ate my meal. Soon I was able to sit and be comfortable, I found that I liked my own company. So next weekend, take a bold step, treat yourself to dessert at a local restaurant. You can do it, Brilliant One, I know you can.

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