Making the decision to change

We have been in the midst of a health crisis for a few months now. Several counties and states reopened, and as of today, many of them have shifted and shut down once again. We know with certainty that everything we have faced in the last few weeks has been unclear, undefined, and never experienced.

What if you could use this to your advantage? You can build your skills, explore new career options, or refresh your resume. When we have times like these, using this to our advantage will reap great benefits. So I have a few questions for you to think about today.

Grab a pen and get ready we are going to use this time to create some success habits.

What are your top 3 priorities in life right now?

What are your top 3 stressors in life right now?

What daily habits could you introduce to help improve your life? (Think of daily activity like eating a healthy breakfast, or making business calls in the first hour of the day)

Now look at the habits, how will they benefit you?

Which habit are you willing to commit to doing daily?

Each of these tips will take you toward making the leap to change your life. Whether it is a career crisis or a relationship change, nothing happens until you take action.

Want to dig deeper? Let's schedule a call.

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