Look in the mirror

It's important to understand that you are powerful. I know challenges may have come in your life, but you still have strength. Often we allow the negative statement of one person to outweigh everything good that took place.  For example, when you make a social media post, you are super happy when you see the hearts, like, and positive comments. But let one person give a thumbs down or disagree, and the laser focus is turned on. We give too much credit to people who don't have input into our future. When the negativity pops up, ignore it, sometimes the most powerful thing is not to read the comments. 

Appreciate who you are, your strengths and your victories. I know that you are an overcomer, capable of excelling and doing great things. I applaud you today, every test, every success has increased your potential. Hold your chin up, shoulders back, and square your shoulders. You are powerful and capable, and you are a force to be reckoned with today and in the future.

Look in the mirror today and remember the reflection you see is someone that has a great future, someone competent and someone that is going places in life. Your future is in front of you, fully displayed, and ready for you to take action.  Step into it today!

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