Let's Make a Plan

Updated: Jun 23, 2020

Uncertainty has been intense over the last few days. Things have shifted from one decision to another in a matter of hours. It is time to take back some control; it will make you feel better.


Meal plan if you can. Knowing what meals your family will have for the next few days will help take some of the nervous anxiety away.


Put your children's snacks for the day in a bag or basket, let them know once those are gone, that's it for the day. This will help with portion control. (This tip is from my dear friend Liz Williams)


Plan some time outdoors, and even if it's ten minutes to do some jumping jacks, it will help relieve pent up energy.

4. Spend less time on Social Media and watching the News. Check it once a day and step away.


Make plans for a picnic in the family room, or a skate day in the garage. Be creative, you can get through this, we are in it together, and together we will win.

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