Is divorce stress impacting your career?

Divorce and career impact, the secret world no one likes to discuss. Let's talk about it for a few moments. Homelife is crazy, and you're dragging the bag of stress and frustration into your work environment! Does this sound like something you are doing? You fired that email off before you thought about your response, and now you have been called into the manager's office. When you opened your computer, you weren't angry with the person you responded to, but your frustration spilled over.

Divorce will impact many areas of your life; for example, your schedule as you move through the process; you will need to meet with attorneys, possibly find new housing, and leave earlier than usual to pick up the children. Understandably, you will go through a period of adjustment, but have you considered how you will explain these things to your employer?

Here are a few tips to help you navigate.

Don't share the news with everyone. Use discretion and select to tell your direct manager or supervisor, but the rest of your team does not need to know.

Watch your tone and attitude toward others. You may feel anger toward those who are the same gender as your spouse. Keep in mind that your colleagues are not involved.

Don't use "I'm going through a divorce" as an excuse to get out of assignments. Use this as a time to think of new ways to improve your career.

Divorce will have you reevaluate your entire life, so use caution when making major career decisions.

Do you need help through the process? Contact me today, and let's schedule a conversation.

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