I will not sit this one out

Updated: Jun 23, 2020

Have you reached the point of frustration over being locked indoors? Are you tired of cooking, video games and mindless scrolling on Facebook? If you are it is time to take a stand and say I will not sit this one out.

Sure you may be confined to home, but there is no excuse for not getting some of those goals accomplished and working on your dream. The ability to dream has not been taken away. You can write your vision and make it plain, you can create a vision board, you can use voice notes. The point is that doing something now is better than waiting.

Don't sit this one out, use the frustration to your benefit. Put in the hours to research marketing, get ahead of the game and update your social media content for the next six months, Do something!

This may be an extra tough time because finances are low, but somehow you are still making ends meet. Write down what you are doing to survive, journal this precious information that has been locked away inside your brain and use it for your benefit. Combine the list of resources you have and write an ebook.

If you wait for the world to re-open and get back to"normal", you may be too late. Don't sit this one out, get busy.

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