I must start somewhere

Reaching the fork in the road and indecision has crept in the way. It sits there in the middle of the road, forcing you to make a choice. Do I move forward, do I turn around and go back? Do I stand here frozen, stuck unable to move?  What if you were able to walk in your purpose today, with no restrictions?

I remember hitting a fork in the road. I was faced with a decision to move forward or turn back and both choices were terrifying. I was completely frozen, I was so cold you could have stored meat inside my heart. I was distant, unreachable, I had been so broken that I was like dust, the devastation in my life had shattered me into pieces because of assault after battery, hurt after beating, broken on top of shattered, shattered on top of pulverized, into grains of powder. 

I was able to keep moving forward only by the Empowering of Grace, the Strength of Mercy and the Substance of Love. I understood that I must start somewhere, and that somewhere was into a place of understanding, compassion and rest.

Step out of the rubble and start somewhere!

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