6 Secrets to starting over

Have you heard of the term "bloom where you are planted?" After a divorce we go through a period of adjustment and redefining who we are, my recommendation is just get started! The process of beginning a new life after divorce starts with the intention to reframe the future. It may not look like the future you dreamed of, but the beauty of dreams is they always change. So today, let's look at starting over.

Ease into the new transition. Do not make dramatic decisions without looking at them from several angles. Take a little time to consider the available options and decide based on the ones which will give you the most significant benefit.

Start with the end in mind. Let's use the example of moving into a new home. Before you shop for new items, think about who you want your home to represent, how do you want it to feel when you walk in at the end of the day? You can fill your home with things from the heart and not items to take up space.  

Don't make a sudden career change. You can continue to work at your current employer and decide if you want to shift into something new later. Sometimes maintaining the familiar while everything else is in an uproar is a benefit.

Deal with your emotions now, don't hide or stuff the pain. Getting connected to a fantastic therapist or joining a support group is a tremendous tool. You will be able to talk through the problems, hear stories of what others are doing, and gain strength from the support. 

Don't rush to date; instead, fall in love with who you are as a person. Rediscover your likes and dislikes, introduce yourself to the person you are becoming. When you began to enjoy your own company, you are ready to explore dating.

Take your time to grieve the loss of the prior relationship. You don't have to restart life today or fall in love again tomorrow. It is a process.

No two people are alike, and each of us in the journey of life has a unique footprint of experiences that have framed us into the person we are today. Be kind to yourself and know that life will get better, joy will come again when you least expect it, and you are worthy of love.

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