Healed or Healing

Updated: Jun 23, 2020

As you maneuver the process of divorce, you come to a place of healed or healing. In one place you can get stuck, that is the healing place. Getting stuck happens when you continuously revisit the emotions or memory connected to the incident. The memory may cause you to relive the event, which can inflict unintentional pain over and over.

According to Psychology Today, there are five ways to Stop Reliving Painful Memories. 

Recognize when it is happening

Look for solutions

Set aside time to think

Distract yourself

Practise mindfulness

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To reach healed means that you have some work to do. Working with a licensed therapist is one of the greatest gifts that you can give to yourself. As a Coach, I help you move forward with new purpose and goals. If you need to do healing work, a therapist will assist with looking at the past and help you navigate through those occurances.  

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